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Alison Sykes Gardens - About Us
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I began my career as a textile designer, developed into an expert on foreign trade with a specialty in textiles, but was forced to revise my path by the last great recession.

I had long been a committed gardener. My design background allowed me to be creative in colour combinations and form. I had learnt the lesson in planting that the correct plant for the situation in the garden gives the best result long term. Thus in the great British tradition of passionate amateurs Alison Sykes Gardens was born.

My apprenticeship was long. I worked 7 days a week. One job supported the other. Plant fairs were attended all Summer. Garden Design commissions were accepted. It was clear that I could not continue forever treating my plantsmanship as a hobby. A permanent and large site was necessary to display and offer plants for sale. I had no idea that ultimately I would make Normandy my home. That I relocated and left England permanently was entirely due to the wisdom of an acquaintance who is himself a renowned Nurseryman. Normandy possesses a temperate climate with a good level of rainfall allowing many disparate plants to be grown and like the rest of France, Normandy has the potential for a clientele of enthusiastic plant lovers. My house hunting in Normandy was of short duration. I was drawn like a magnet to La Jouberie. No garden, just a 1.5 hectare wilderness housing many wild rabbits. Despite all adversity I opened for business in Normandy in May 2008.

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I have never wished to create a Nursery which is arid and bare of detail. Visitors will see that all my Plant Sales areas are placed within the garden at La Jouberie so that mature specimens of plants on sale can be seen. I am intending to continue to enhance my considerable range of shade loving and woodland plants over the next years. My garden continues to develop with increasing amounts of differently planted areas. I hope that those visitors to the nursery who themselves are in process of creating a new garden will find support here for the trials that result.

Over the next year or so it is intended to begin using the facilities at La Jouberie to offer lectures and workshops in Garden Design, Plantsmanship, Floristry and other related subjects, given by invited specialists both British and French.

I am looking forward to welcoming you here. Alison.